About Me

The jewels I create are my way of reconnecting arcane relationships that I perceive and almost intuitively relate to today; they are places of the soul, fragments of memory generated through emotional impulses that I rework with the awareness of what I have learned manually, intellectually, and emotionally. They retrace and bring together an intertwining of evocative suggestions, giving material form to an identity through the creation of shapes that often become contemporary jewels."

Valentina Garau

I was born in Sardinia, in Ovodda, a small town in Barbagia. With the move to Cagliari during the high school years, I discovered classical and modern dance. I studied hard until I became a professional dancer. A passion that I have never abandoned and that still guides my research on movement applied to sculpture and goldsmith art today.


I graduated in Art History and also in this case, the deepening of the artistic-architectural study laid the foundations on which I subsequently built my personal artistic language. My works dialogue with the symbologies of primordial cultures, with the figure of the Mother Goddess and the primitive spiritual manifestations linked to the concept of fertility and the feminine.


I prefer silver and metals with a strong expressive identity. Over time, I have created jewelry and sculptures that I have exhibited in numerous exhibitions both in Italy and abroad. All my artifacts are born from strong experimentation and the desire to keep open the thresholds between the ancient and the contemporary, between the primordial forces of nature and our deepest emotional world.